MICHAEL MONK // Freelance web & graphic designer Hamilton

I am a freelance web developer and graphic designer currently based in Hamilton, New Zealand. I have a background in various areas of design and marketing which has given me a wide range of knowledge of the online world. Having a well rounded skill set has enabled to being me to provide a large range of digital services required to deliver the best results for my clients.

As someone who regularly communicates with new and existing companies I also have a good understanding of many other aspects of the digital world such as: Web/Cloud hosting, email setups, mobile apps, web development, custom integrations and new technology which come in useful when looking at the bigger picture of marketing and running a business. I have built up relationships with contacts in complimenty industries to further extend the knowledge and reach of services I can assist my clients with. I am often the first point of contact for any technical questions – and if I don’t have the answer, chances are that I have someone in my contacts with the knowledge and skills needed to help out.

My focus is working with businesses who have ongoing graphic design requirements with which I can develop a long lasting working relationship, and to be an extension of the team. I am available to take on ongoing or one-off projects and I always look forward to meeting new people and working with companies to help find solutions to their online and marketing needs.

The benefits of working with a freelance designer / web developer

As a freelance designer, developer & online marketer – I can slot in with small businesses and startups to extend your capabilities, without the cost and commitment of hiring someone in-house.  My skillset covers a lot of areas – what would typically require 3 expert roles: Graphic Designer, Web Developer & Online Marketing. This is great news for small businesses who would struggle to hire someone in a permanent role – as you can avoid the commitment of hiring in-house, and the high cost of working with an agency.

Where practical I like to focus on upskilling business owners and other key staff in your business to become as independent as possible. With the right advice, many aspects of online marketing can be done in-house.  I am available to work in whatever capacity required to push your business to the next level. Whether that’s a one-time review + strategy & training session. To assist with a specific project or new feature implementation on your website. Or as an ongoing extension to your marketing / technical team.

Michael Monk Freelance Graphic Designer & Web Designer Hamilton

Michael Monk

Freelance Designer
Hamilton, New Zealand